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From Scandinavia, The Baltic Sea Region And Russia. 
 Also Many Items From Continental Europe And Britain.
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Page  2     Danish / Scandinavian / Nordic items

Page  3     Plates : Royal Copenhagen Christmas  / Mother's Day Plates

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Page  14      Books, Misc. etc.

Page  15      Books about Antiques and Collectables etc.

Page  16      Display items, Plate Stands & Labels etc. *New Stock Range available from 1 April 2006*

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Page 18       For Sale :  On Commission  (Awaiting )

Page 19       Mini -Auction (Awaiting )

Page  20      Fleamarket  items ( awaiting after Spring 2007)

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Page 21        Scandibalt -  Viking Antiques - * Address and Contact *  information             

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Page 23        Current and Future Antique Fairs / Sales Displays etc

Page 24       'Links' - To other sites of possible interest

Page 25        Information Page - Russian Porcelain - A Brief History

Page 26        Information Page - Danish Porcelain - A Brief History  (awaiting )

Page 27        Information Page -   Secrets of Bargain hunting  (Awaiting)

Page 28       'Museum of Items of Interest'

Page 29        A 'Taste Of Russia'  : in a few pictures and words.

Page 30        A 'Taste Of Scandinavia / The Nordic Region ' :   in a few pictures and words

Page 31        A 'Taste Of Britain'  : in a few pictures and words

Page 32        A 'Taste Of The Rest Of The World' in a few pictures and words

Page 33       'Charity Page' :   please look and help a worthy cause  - (awaiting project 2007/8 ? )

Page 34       'In Memory' : A Page Dedicated To Remember 'Never Again'

Page 35        Your Comments / Questions / Feedback etc - (Under construction)


                              Additional  Pages                  

Page 36   Copy of  The Report of The Danish Young Conservatives Campaign for the First European Elections in 1979

Page 37  -  Investment Guide 2006 -  My Selection of Investment ideas for 2006/7/8.........

Page 38  -  Sponsors and Banners and Adverts - Please click on as many to help

Page 39  - Taxi & Limousine Sightseeing & Business Tours (around Copenhagen and Region) + ISAT

Page 40 - ISAT -International Sightseeing And Training - Sightseeing Notes

Page 41 - Direct Link to :- Gabriel Howard Wilson's homepages  --





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***  News and Information  ***



 I will be selling a range of items for professional and 
amateur dealers to display their items more professionally.

Display items - a large range of plate stands, and labels and tags etc

More details, Pictures and information on page 16 with a price guide
You may send an E-mail  to order or to ask for further information

Look Professional and be professional


I will also be displaying :

A new range of : POSTERS
(most are approx size 61 x 91 cm)
Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Bob Marley,
Pirates of The Caribbean, Simpsons, Muhammed Ali, 
Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Star Wars, 
Lord of the Rings,  and many more available

an extended range of : 
Metal Display Signs 
more new models of : 
Die-Cast Collectors Cars
Including a selection of Carlsberg Trucks
A range of motorbikes
Corgi , Lledo, Vanguards, Matchbox, 
Corgi US and UK fire engines
A small selection of size 1:72 model soldiers
and much more

A small selection of books about antiques & collectable items
 a new range of 
Boxwood and Ox-Bone Netsuke
 and various types of Chinese 
Snuff Bottles 
  a new range of interesting
Fossil items
and a rare and huge (almost 4 kilograms)
 25,000 Year old Mammoth limb bone

Amber with inclusions
Some real 1000 + year old  genuine Viking Artifacts

 for sale : a  PRL Auschwitz Cross





* Latest News Item *