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Royal Copenhagen 'Emma'
 and her baby Giant Panda
From The Millenium Collection 2002



Baby Giant Panda





Bing & Grøndahl Otter
Mother's Day Year Figure for 2004


                        Bing & Grøndahl Salmon                                   Bing & Grøndahl Perch (approx 9 cm long)

                                         B & G  Small Catfish                              Royal Copenhagen Crucian Carp                             


 Bing & Grøndahl  - Great Tit                              Royal Copenhagen - Nuthatch 

          B & G - Woodpecker

Dahl-Jensen Woodpecker



Bing & Grøndahl Partridge
Approx 18 cms tall and 
created by Svend Jespersen

Royal Copenhagen Grebe



      B & G - St. Bernard Puppy                                                B & G German Shepherd -Small


Bing & Grøndahl Dachshund sitting
approx 8cm high

Rare Bing & Grøndahl  - pair of Dachshunds - approx 10 cm high.


Royal Copenhagen - Large Cat Curled Up                 Large Royal Copenhagen  - Large Cat Looking Down

Royal Copenhagen Cat  
on it's back playing with it's tail


Gustavsberg, Sweden - Sitting Fox
This is a very rare piece designed by Paul Hoff
Limited Edition of only 500 models manufactured
The pale green stylised Stoneware fox is approx 21 cm tall



Royal Copenhagen - Large Fox Looking Up
There is also a smaller version of this fox
In good condition - 2nd quality


Royal Copenhagen  - Large Blue Pheasant Dish lid
This is a most difficult item to make and The factory had many that 
were not in perfect condition receiving firing cracks etc. The Large Blue 
Pheasant Dish  is also one of the most expensive items made So, this lid 
also makes a very unusual and interesting Table display or wall decoration.


Bing & Grøndahl Young Nude girl sitting on steps
Approx 20 cm high / 19 cm long / 10.5 cm wide

Royal Copenhagen Mermaid Lying down in water
Designed by Christian Thomsen in about 1910
And the Art Nouveau influence is clear in this figure.

Bing & Grøndahl - Girl with 3 Geese


Bing & Grøndahl  - Girl dressed as a Witch



pots with tops - Chymos Oy 
 Lappeenranta  - Made in Finland


Top left : B & G Pair og Monkees Grooming                  Top Right :  B & G Monkey           
Bottom left : Royal Copenhagen Sitting Monkey 
Bottom Right : B & G  4 x Monkees huddling up together

Royal Copenhagen  - Gorilla on Glass Socle Cube
Approx 20 cm high  inclusing Socle.


   Royal Copenhagen  
Barn Owl - Snowy Owl - Long Eared Owl
The Barn Owl was created by Christian Thompson about 1901- stands about 22 cm high
The Snowy Owl was created by Knud Kyhn in 1926 , stands approx 36 cm high
The Long Eared Owl was sculptured by Peter Herold in about 1912 and stands about 36 cm high

A pair of Royal Copenhagen Long Eared Owls

Lyngby Porcelain Factory -  Owl
Lyngby Porcelain factory was swallowed up by
 Royal Copenhagen and ceased to exist in 1969
Approx 12 Kilometers North of Copenhagen
This figure is approx 17.5 cm tall


Royal Copenhagen  - Owl in White
Approx 14 cm high.


Royal Copenhagen Icslandic Falcon on a rock


            Royal Copenhagen - Frog on a rock                       Royal Copenhagen  - Mouse on a Chesnut



Bing & Grøndahl - 4 Lion Cubs
B & G Model Numbers (Top) 2530, (Left to Right) 2529, 2531, 2528 

Bear - Sweden ?



Lurpack Butter Toast holder
Lurpack is one of the famous export brands
from Denmark and this toast holder will make a 
companion at the breakfast table
(There is also matching Lurpack butter dish which I do not currently have )

Stylised Polar Bear - Arabia, Finland
Approx 12 cm long and 5 cm high



 White Deer - Lyngby Porcelain


Gustavsberg (Sweden)  Majolica Vase

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