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Royal Worcester Figurines

6 Royal Worcester Figurines 
In white glaze, unmarked, therefore as 2nd quality items
But delightful none the less

 6 Royal Worcester Figures



Royal Worcester  - ''Crinoline''
Signed/Marked ' LA '  - Approx 18.5 cm high



Royal Doulton Character Jugs

Catherine of Aragone                                                                       St. George               
  Royal Doulton 
number D6643 (1975)                                            Royal Doulton number D6618 (1967) 
Approx 18 cm high and 18 cm wide                                                  Approx  19 cm high and 18 cm wide:      

Carlton Ware Dish
'Australian Design '
Approx 24 cm long x 15 cm wide

The whole range of items that are patented as 'Australian Design'  were 
done originally because Carlton Ware had lots of competition in Australia
 with cheap look-a- like  imports from the Far East and  so patented 
their designs so as to ensure that their items were known to be genuine.



Beswick - 4 Birds
Wren - Grey Wagtail - Robin - Chaffinch

Beswick - Beatrix Potter's - Chippy Hackee


Sylvac - Scottie Dog                               Selection of Sylvac items


Royal Winton figure


Poole Otter with a Fish


(picture to come later)

Young lady's 
 heater/warmer oven for playing with her dolls
Marked 'Baby' - but probably placed on at a later date

This is manufactured to use petroleum spirit and in
 would have been a toy in use about 1900-1915 
Of course, young ladies would have been much more
 careful in their play in those days - today this would be totally
 banned as being far too dangerous to be used as a toy




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