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Lomonosov Figure of Feodor Chaliapin as Boris Godunov
Originally sculptured by Yakov A Trupiansky in 1922
Height approx 28 cm (11 inches) this is a  probably a 1960-1970's figure .
A very rare item


Riga Porcelain - Pair in National Costume
Approx 35 cm high
A very rare item 


Konakavo - Pair of Fish 
approx 19 cm high - 21 cm long
A very rare item


2 Large Lomonosov Vases 
Left  approx 18 cm high     Right approx 25 Cm High
Right - Shape: 2638  -  Design: Scattered Flowers 
Both marked 'MADE IN USSR' - Probably  manufactured about 1965-1980 period


Dulevo Porcelain Factory - Swan - 1952
Approx 10-11 cm high 


Verbilki Porcelain Factory  - A Pair Of 'Fighting Snow Leopards' 
Manufactured before the mid 1960's and highly sought after.
Item sold on E-bay and Shepton Mallet/Detling/Ardingly/Malvern - others available)



Set of 3 Yakuts
Yakut with dog / Yakut  walking with flowers and book / Yakut with  fish
Made In USSR - Pre 1992. ( 1960's - 1980's)
Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, St. Petersburg, Russia
(Sets sold at Malvern/Ardingly/Shepton and Detling- other sets available)


European Bison
Verbilki Factory, North of Moscow,  Russia
approx 16 cm high and 24 cm long
(Item sold on E-bay and at Shepton Mallet)




Family on a sleigh - Made in USSR
Traditional style Russian porcelain
(item sold at Malvern/Detling/Ardingly/Shepton)


Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, St. Petersburg
Figure of Chlestakov - 1953
Scupltured by Ivan Risnich - Painted by Boris Vorobyov
There are also figures of Tchitchikov, Sobakevich and a
Dobtshinski and Bobtshinski together as a pair in this series.


Konakovo Large Capercailie-1950's
The Capercailie was created by Kozhin, who was working 
Very productively at the Konakovskij Fiaence Factory in
the 1950's. He produced pieces for mass production such as 
The 'Old Black Grouse', 'Young Capercailie' and 'Pheasant' etc.
All his life Kozhin used to say that there is no difference between 
mass and unique culture,  in both of them one should feel the soul of
 the creator/author, one should feel his/her style and way of making it.
Kozhin gave all his knowledge.

Konakovo Small Capercaillie
Issued for the 190 Anniversary of the factory in 1999



Misha Olympic Bear 1980
Dulevo Factory
This was produced by most Russian 
porcelain factories in different sizes and colours
   There was a boycot by many Western Countries in attending the Olympic Games
in Moscow in 1980 as a protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Consequently, the Famous Symbol of the games, 'Misha Bear' was mass
 produced to be sold to the visitors attending, who eventually did not attend.



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