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Sightseeing & Business Tours 2008/9 

Contact Paul H Wilson -  (0045)  22 43 49 22
E-mail :  scandibalt@yahoo.com

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen


* Sightseeing Tours *  

* Tour 1 - Copenhagen City  (Minimum 2 - 4 Hours)

Amelienborg Palace , Copenhagen
The Tour will take in the most important places in
 the city depending on how many hours etc you book.
 Including The Little Mermaid, Nyboder, Tre Gefion, 
Churchillparken, Amelienborg, Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv, 
Høbro Plads, Christiansborg Slot, The Town Hall Square, 
Carlsberg Brewery, Rosenborg  Slot, Gråbrodre Torv, 
Christianshavn, The New Opera House, Frederiksberg,
Gruntvigs Kirke, Tuborg and any special requests you may have.

* Tour 2 - Roskilde (3½ - 5 Hours)

Roskilde Cathedral
 Roskilde is approx 35 Kilometers West of Copenhagen
and was the old Viking Capital of Sjælland. You can see 
where most of the Kings and Queens of Denmark (39) are buried
 in The Cathedral and to which Bishop Absalon the founder of
 Copenhagen was in charge over 800 years ago , plus a trip to the
 famous Viking Ship Museum by the side of Roskilde Fjord 
and to learn more about how the Vikings built their boats and lived .
Roskilde Cathedral is on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sights.
Special note:     On 23 September 2006 the Danish Princess Dagmar who married 
The Russian Tsar Alexander lll who has been buried at Roskilde
 is to be moved to the Peter & Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg as this is where she wished 
to be buried but was unable to during the Soviet Communist period . She will be buried 
with her husband and her son and his family - Nicholas ll, the Last Tsar of Russia.

 * Tour 3 -  Hillerød  (3½ - 5 hours)

Frederiksborg Palace, Hillerød
Hillerød is about 40 Km North West of Copenhagen. 
Frederiksborg Palace is probably the most interesting Palace in Denmark
 and is part of the National History Museum of Denmark.  It has an excellent 
collection of paintings, furniture,  porcelain and  full of unique and interesting rooms.

(A traditional Danish lunch can be
taken nearby
 in the oldest building / Restaurant in Hillerød). 

* Tour 4 - Helsingør Tour  (3½ - 5 Hours)

Kronborg Castle, Helsingør
Helsingør is about 45 Km north of Copenhagen.  A trip to Helsingør to look at the
 traditional town Centre and of course 'Hamlet's Castle -  *A  UNESCO World Heritage Site*
See Hamlet and Orphelia at the the closest point to Sweden from Denmark. 
Go down the Dungeons to visit the sleeping Holger Danske 
and experience how life was for the soldiers residing there .  
Drive back to Copenhagen along the famous Danish Riviera road 'Strandvejen', 
 pass by or visit The famous Modern Art Museum 'Louisiana'  at 
Humlebæk or Karen Blixen's  Museum at Rungsted along the way . 
Buy some smoked or fresh fish at a Fishing harbour.
 stop off for an ice cream at Bakken, one of the worlds oldest amusement parks.


Basic Tours 
Tour 1 - Copenhagen Tour (minimum 2 hours - 4 Hours)
Tour 2 -Roskilde Tour  (Approx 3½ - 5 Hours)
Tour 3 - Hillerød Tour (Approx  3½ - 5 Hours)
 Tour 4 - Helsingør Tour (Approx  3½ - 5 Hours)
Prices below under cars)
*** Discounts for our special price tour packages ***
Highly Recommended Special Price Tours 
(Prices in Danish Kroner)

                                                          Mercedes 'S' Class    -  VW Bus      -   Taxi 
Tour 5 - Roskilde & Hillerød (6-8 Hours)               4500      -      4500     -       3750

   Tour 6 - Hillerød & Helsingør (6-8 Hours)           4500     -       4500    -       3750

 Tour 7  - Roskilde, Hillerød & Helsingør (8-10 Hours)   5500   - 5500    -   4500

 Tour 8 - Copenhagen, Roskilde, Hillerød &  Helsingør                                                                                       
(10 -12 Hours)     ( Tour 8 may be split over 2 Days )      6500   -     6500     -    5000

An additional fee to cover the coast of Bridges/ferries 
must be added to each of the tours below (9-12)

The Turning Torso in Malmo and Lund Cathedral

 Tour 9 ''Øresund Tour '' - Sweden-Malmo, Lund,  Halsingborg,
                                  Helsingør.   (approx  8 - 10 Hours)                      5500  -   5500  -  4500 
Over the 16 Km (10 mile)  Tunnel - Øresundbroen link from Copenhagen to 
 Sweden and see the 'Turning Torso' building close up,  stroll around  Malmo City 
Centre, visit Lund Cathedral  and its famous astronomical clock from about 1380  and see 
'Finn The Giant' in the Crypt  walk around The University and Museum district . 
Take lunch near Landskrona and return to Denmark on the Helsingborg - Helsingør 
car ferry and visit Kronborg Castle's  Basements, chapel, observation roof, 
The Danish Maritime Museum and the inside of the Castle. 
Return to Copenhagen via Strandvejen - The Danish Riviera road.   
(Depending on times and your wishes this tour can easily be reversed 
 and Kronborg Castle  can be missed out if already previously visited etc)

   Tour 10 - Sweden Tour and visit Malmo and the old University City of  Lund  ( 4-6 Hours)    
Over The Øresundbroen to Malmo and The Cathedral City of Lund  and return.       

Tour 11 Trip to see Hans Christian Andersens Museum  at Odense and  Trelleborg Viking  
Camp  at Slagelse through the Danish countryside (7-9 hours)       5000  -   5000   -  4000   


Tour 12
- Trip to Aarhus and The Old Town , The Church and Rune Stone 
at Jelling or visit Legoland for the day ( 10 -14 Hours)     6500  -  6500  -  5000   

                H C Andersens Museum, Odense / Trelleborg Viking Camp,  Slagelse 

              Jelling Kirke,  Jylland  / The Old Town in Aarhus               
* The Open tour * 
  Design your own itinary with the driver  
depending on your wishes, time and practicalities etc
Special Note :  Entrance Tickets to Castles / Museums etc not included in prices

 *** New for 2008 ***

 ' Design & Designers ' 
Sightseeing Tour

If you are interested in seeking out
 classic Scandimodern design or Scandinavian Architecture,
and Modern Art etc, then this could be the tour for you. 

Take a day or half day tour in the Copenhagen,
 North Sjælland and Southern Sweden Region
 and discover a world of classical modern design


Modern Art at Louisiana or at The Ark,  The Danish Design Center or a furniture shop full of Scandimodern Furniture, A Hotel with Egg and Swan chairs...........maybe even to McDonalds and eat a burger whilst sitting on an Egg or a Swan. Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, George Jensen Silver, Holmegaard Glass / Crystal, Typical Danish Designs. Perhaps a huge Scandimodern Church or a Jørn Utzon designed Church. Henning Larsen's New Opera house, Royal Library, play or buy  with some Lego -one of the most creative toys ever manufactured

So if you like:
  Jørn Utzon, Henning Larsen, Georg Jensen, Arne Jacobsen
Kaare Klint, PH lamps, Bodum, Lego, Royal Copenhagen
 then take this tour

designed to satisfy.............

Fees for the 'Design & Designers' Sightseeing Tour
For an individually designed and unique tour 
4000 DKr. for a half day tour ( approx 4½ hours)
7500 DKr. for a full day ( approx 9 -10 hours )

You can also take the 'set' Design tour of Copenhagen City
for 3000 DKr. ( approx 3 hours)

A Limousine / Taxi is included in the price
There will be an additional charge for the 
Bridge Fee if visiting Malmo / Sweden etc

My own 'Designer' Postcard 
* Henning Larsen's New Opera House
 * Family Klint's Grundtvig's Church
* Santiago Calatrava's 'Turning Torso' in Malmo 
* Arne Jacobsen's Egg, Swan & Seven chairs
* Christian Poulsen's experimental ceramic pot
* Bing & Grøndahl's young nude girl sitting on steps
*Aluminia / Royal Copenhagen Pawn chess piece
* Georg Jensen's Silver Deer Brooch
* Miller's Collecting Modern Design Book
Link to Sightseeing notes :



Sightseeing or Business Tours around Europe
Danish Tour
Scandinavia / Nordic Tour
London / Southern United Kingdom
Central England and Wales 
Scotland and Northern United Kingdom
 Baltic Sea Tour (Not Russia / no Visa )
St Petersburg / Russia (Visa Required)
Eastern / Central Europe Tour 
Paris / France
Southern Europe
Germany / Benelux
 'European Capital Cities Tour '  
(Visit every European Capital City)

All these tours are created as unique experience to the customer,
 destinations ,   hotels etc are all designed to meet your
 needs and wants and can provide you with either a quick 
taste or a more detailed look at the destinations chosen


* Available Cars and Prices *

 Standard Fees
(these prices are a guide)

Mercedes 'S' Class Limousine
First 3 Hours - 850 Kr per Hour  (2550 Kr including booking fee)
Booking Fee 50 Kr ( only if  booked under 48 hours of the tour starting)
3 + hours 750 Kr per hour 
(375 Kr for each extra half an hour)
(* Minimum Charge is for 3 hours = 2550 Kr ( including booking fee 50 Kr.)  

 '6-8’  seater  VW Transporter Bus / Mercedes Viano
First 3 Hours = 850 Kr per hour (2550 Kr including Booking fee)
( Booking Fee 50 Kr - only if  booked under 48 hours of the tour starting)
3+ hours = 750 Kr per hour ( 375 Kr for extra half an hour)
* Minimum Charge  3 Hours = 2550 Kr ( including 50 Kr Booking Fee

Mercedes 'E' Class / VW Touran Taxi (stationcar)
First 2 Hours - 650 Kr per hour (1300 Kr)
( No booking fee required)
Only need about 1 hour notification beforehand
2+ hours = 600 Kr per hour  
* Minimum charge 2 hours =1300

 Please note that during the rush hour traffic between  
approx 07.30-09.30 and 15.00-17.00 It can be a 
problem to navigate comfortably around the city quickly

* The Sightseeing Driver Guides *

A fully Qualified English Sightseeing and Business Class Chauffeur
A qualified limousine / Taxi chauffeur with professional 
Knowledge who has passed The ISAT Sightseeing Course
(ISAT = International Sightseeing And Training)

All sightseeing drivers have a good knowledge of English Language

Note :  If we are already fully booked up etc
 then we can offer a regular driver with an accompanyingSightseeing
 guide combined and / or also a translater guide for small extra fee.


Note : Stops for meals or snacks / ice creams may be taken but
 it is best to discus these with your driver early in your tour if possible.


* Business Tours *

 Business Class at the same price
  Business Tours
Business meetings
 Airport / Hotel / Home pick up

It can be quicker and cheaper and much 
 more convenient to take a taxi than to fly

  Take the taxi or limousine for the day and relax whilst 
we take you from your home, hotel, airport to your
 destination and return you back again in the same car. 

You can take your business partner(s)
You can even take your wife with you for free
and also your girlfriend at no extra cost  !!  
Plus business samples and luggage 
without an air kilogram  or check -in problems !

  * Take a Limousine / Taxi for a change *
Contact : Paul Wilson on  Mobile Tel :  22 43 49 22

 Please note that it is not allowed to drive and 
use a mobile telephone call at the same time or 
if there are customers already in the car, so I 
might have to ring you back in these circumstances

International  and National
Business Class Limousine & Taxi Service

These prices and travel times are only an approx guide 

Single journey 2500 Kr. / Return 3250 Kr. / 1½-2 Hours

Single 3500 Kr / Return 4000Kr / 2-2½ Hours

Single 3750 Kr. / Return 4250 Kr. / 2½ - 3 Hours

Single 4000 Kr. / Return 4500 Kr. / 2½-3½ Hours

Single 4250 Kr / Return 5000  / 3-4 Hours

Single 4500 Kr / Return 5250 Kr / 4 Hours

Single 5000 / Return 6000 Kr / 4-5 Hours

Single 6000 Kr /Return 7000 Kr / 6 Hours

Single 6500 Kr / Return 7500 Kr /  6-8 Hours


Please note traffic, weather conditions and police speed traps !  
all prices and times are an approx guide and will be confirmed with you when booking.

Limousine And Taxi Business Service

Travel with 2 or more people in the car and make big savings on your regular
Business Class air fares. No more additional taxi fares to the 
airport / business /
home. Save on overnight hotel costs.

No more worries about missed / delayed / cancelled flights.
 Often quicker in the
Business Class Taxi ‘door to door’ service than by air.

Direct from your home to your business meeting and back to your home again. 
waiting around at the airport, bring all your luggage, samples, etc with you . 
use your portable computer or your telephone in the car.

24 hours every day of the year, travel when you want to day or night 
throw your travel timetables away.

Every journey is tailored to your specific needs. 
For business meetings in different
- finish your important business meeting / close your sale,
having to look at your watch and depart for your airflight 
before you are ready and
Take a drink or two and celebrate a good deal, 
after all you do not haveto drive. 

Take a business colleague for free.......
or your wife and children for a
day out 
.................or even your mistresss  !!! 
Take your customer out to a restaurant without
worring about how you will get home.

Take A Limousine Or Taxi For A Change
For more information contact :
22 43 49 22
or E-mail :- scandibalt@yahoo.com
Send this coupon to :-
Paul Wilson - Vermundsgade 27, 2th. - 2100 København Ø


5 %  Discount on your first trip outside of Sjælland
10 % Discount on your first trip to Germany/Norway 

Contact name : ....................................................................................................

Business / Company: ..........................................................................................

Address: ..............................................................................................................


Telephone: .....................................................
 MobileTelephone: .........................................

E-mail address: ........................................................................................

Departure Address :.................................................................................
Desired Departure time:..........................................................................
Destination Address:................................................................................
Desired Destination arrival time:............................................................
Number of passengers:.............................................................................
Special requests/other relevant information:.................................................................
*  Take A Limousine / Taxi  For A Change  *
This leaflet has been produced by :  Paul H Wilson
Qualified English Sightseeing and Business Class Driver


***  Useful  Links  ***


*** Alpha Limousine Service ***
Run by Niels Pedersen
who has a fleet of 6 limousines
Consisting of :
Mercedes 'S' Class Saloon Limousines
VW Transporter Vans for 6-8 people & lots of Luggage 
Mercedes Viano for 6-7 People plus luggage
Business trips, SightseeingTours, Roadshows
 'Airport - Hotel - Cruise ship' pick-up service, etc, etc.
  Alpha Limousine Service Copenhagen

Niels Pedersen also has 5 taxi cars
 that are attached to Taxinord

A link to a recommended Taxi Service

* Taxinord *
Taxinord covers the area around the Greater Copenhagen region
with a special emphasis on the airport, The City and Northern 
suburbs of Østerbro, Hellerup / Gentofte area  and going up the coast 
towards Horsholm and Vedbæk / Rungsted over towards  , 
Virum / Holte, Birkerød and Farum , Bagsværd, Herlev 
 Lyngby & Gladsaxe.
Taxi Central Telephone number : 45 83 83 83


Special note: Taxinord and Taxi North Sjælland 
will probably  become a single taxi company during 2008
therefore all or most of North Sjælland will be covered





 *** Training Courses ***

Become a Qualified Limousine / Taxi 
 'Sightseeing Driver '

*** Individual tuition or small Groups ***

The Basic course is designed to provide the limousine or taxi driver with 
a basic knowledge of the region and to provide confidence that they 
can provide an above average service to the customer. This is to be 
seen as a long term project by the individual to develop their own 
knowledge by research , visiting sites and learning in more detail.  
Passing the course is regarded as a stepping stone to develop further skills. 

 There is an advanced course in which more detailed knowledge  will be
expected and The candidates should be able to demonstrate an improvement 
in their skills, knowledge and abilities . The Candidate will be expected
 to conduct a part or full tour and provide a stimulating and interesting time.



Part 1 : Copenhagen City Tour  (approx 4 hours)

Part 2 : North Sjælland Tour  (+ Sweden) (approx 9-10 Hours)

Part 3 A : Training Etiquette, behaviour, duties, connecting with the
 customer, 'selling' the tours, open discussion etc (approx 75-90 minutes)

Part 3 B :  Examination (approx 75-90 minutes)
The Test will include :
a)  10 multiple choice answers about Copenhagen 
b) 10 multiple choice answers about North Sjælland (+ Sweden)
c) 10 Multiple choice answers about general knowledge
d) 20  picture questions
e) 50 Written answers

(Total of 100 questions)

f) The Oral test 
Many things will be looked at , in particular :
 fluency of speech,  General knowledge and historical accuracy, 
presentation, speech flow, 'connecting' with the customer, style, 
continuity, Language competency, humour, etc, etc.

Each candiadate will be expected to describe 
a part of a route decribing briefly what they may 
find or see on it, using  historical facts and information 
and details  as part of their presentation and also
 they will be asked about a particular historical
 person or period of time highlighted on the training course.
Plus there will be a general questions and answers session.
The oral test will be marked out of 100) 

The pass mark will be aimed at achieving  75-90 % correct answers
depending on presentation and general  knowledge of the individual candidate etc


Cost of the course will be 1500 Kr per person
(There are possibilities for a small group discounts)
  Requirements are that you must hold or intend to hold a 
valid Taxi / Limousine licence or are a Vognmand.
Entrance to Roskilde Cathedral, Roskilde Viking Ship Museum and 
Fredriksborg Slot plus a basic lunch on the North Sjælland Tour are included

(Other interested candidates may take the course  with a an additional fee of 250 Kr.)

It is intended that I will run several courses in  2008
This is so as candidates may have flexibility to attend on different days depending on
 their working requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested as the first 2-3
 courses will be limited to groups of 4 - 8 persons each .
The courses  will be conducted only in English language.



**** The Advanced Course ****
The candidates will have passed the first basic training course and will 
have received some experience and want to develop their knowledge . 

The Advanced Course will cost 1500 DKr. and will include 
a tour around the Øresund to Malmo , Lund & Kronborg Castle.
  The Advanced Course will be regarded as an extension 
of the basic course and extra topics will be added .
 It is hoped to have one group for the advanced course in January-March 2007 

Part 1)  Visit Malmo (The Turning Torso, Stortorget / Lillatorget)
Lund (Cathedral, University and Museums area)
Kronborg Slot ( Basements, Chapel, Tower, Maritime Museum, and The Royal Apartments) .

Part 2 ) Additional topics and Knowledge to develop The Basic Course 

Part 3 A)  Examination
Part A) Kronborg, Øresund Round, Malmo / Lund,  Sweden  Test
Part B) Basic Course Extra  Test ( Additional topics about from The Basic Course) 
Part C) Advanced general knowledge Test.
Part D) Oral Test
Part 3 B) General discussion group / ideas, comments etc.

***** Extra Knowledge Training Course *****

Designed to provide more detailed knowledge 
Study Extra topics, history in more detail
This will be a 3-5 hour Course with examination
The fees for the Extra Knowledge Course will be 500 Kr

It will be expected there will be a course early in 2007

On completion of this course the driver will receive 
Their ISAT Sightseeing Card

The cost of the courses will be :
 Basic Course 1500 DKr.
Advanced Course 1500 DKr
Extra Knowledge Course 500 DKr
Total  = 3500 DKr.

Contact  : Paul H Wilson
Mobile : 22 43 49 22
E-mail : scandibalt@yahoo.com



The Geographical Centre Of Europe, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine - 2006


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