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Scandibalt Antiques, 
Collectables and Curiosities


Scandibalt - Viking Antiques

You may contact me initially
 by E-mail or by Telephone.
For basic security reasons
I will send you my address only on request.


Home telephone number : ( 0045 )  35 83 45 45

Fax & answer machine : ( 0045 )  35 83 45 45

Antiques Mobile telephone number : ( 0045 ) 20 94 95 67


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Other Activities 

International Sightseeing And Training
Sightseeing Training for Limousine & Taxi drivers 
See page 39 for more information about The
Limousine and Taxi Service and my training courses. 



 * Taxi  and Limousine Service* 

I am a qualified
Sightseeing and Business Class
Taxi and Limousine Chauffeur 

Regular Taxi Service in and around the Greater Copenhagen area.
Also business Class Taxi service for longer journeys as an alternative to flying.
Sightseeing around Copenhagen and Area
  Tours can be organised around :
 Danmark, Scandinavia, Britain, Continental Europe.
 Baltic Sea Region, Eastern Europe, Russia etc. 
Business Class Service - Airport Transfer etc

Taxi / Limousine Service plus additional  Business Class and  Sightseeing tours 
available with fully qualified and licenced English Chauffeur
 in a new Mercedes Stationcar or a Mercedes  'S' Class
(or a VW transporter for 6-8 people plus luggage).

Taxi/Limousine  Mobile Telephone :
 (0045) 22 43 49 22

* (Please note: It is now illegal to use a mobile telephone whilst driving 
and also it is not good to be using a mobile telephone if I am at work and have 
customers in the car when you ring. So please understand if I request that you
 can SMS me your telephone nunmber and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.)


* Delivery/Courier Service also available*

for more information contact :
Taxi Mobile Telephone: ( 0045 ) 22 43 49 22


The activities below are part time activities in which 
I have acquired experience in previous work / careers etc

*  Financial Service Consultancy *
Financial Service Advice regarding investing in 
 Danish Investering Forening /Invest your ATP Money, 
 Swedish Fonder and British Unit Trusts/Stocks etc,
Also advice regarding Pensions and Life Assurance.
Inheritance tax planning, key man insurance.


 * English Language Consultancy *
Documents, papers, reports,  letters etc checked for mistakes, etc.


 * Political Consultancy *
Understanding Politics, Political Ideas,
Campaigns and Campaigning, Issues, etc.


Public Speaking / Talks 
 Groups/Schools/ Colleges/Organisations /Clubs/Companies etc, 
available on a range of subjects  and topics for example:

See below for a brief list of the type of topics/subjects that can be done

'Antiques and collecting'
'Finding a Bargain'
'Russian/Soviet Porcelain'
'Buying /selling on Internet Auctions'
'Emphathy Politics''
'Improving the Danish System'
'The balance between taxation and spending'
(Wealth Creation And Wealth Spending)
'Customer Service'
'How to sell'
How to use Internet Auctions (E-bay/QXL etc)
'Interesting places to visit in Europe'
 ' St. Petersburg' for the Tourist
'Copenhagen' for the Tourist
 'Interesting places to visit in Britain'
'Planning a (motoring) holiday to Britain'
'British Sports' - Cricket/Rugby etc
Financial services- investing/pensions/life assurances etc



' The  Delegates From 'The Villages Visiting Lenin '
( probably painted by a student of V.A. SEROV ),  approx 65  x  70 cm  - Oil on Canvas

The original ( 1950 ) is displayed in The Tretyakov Art Gallery Museum in Moscow by V.A. SEROV ( 1910 - 1968 )

     Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov was a pupil of Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky ( 1884 - 1939 ) - who worked under Ilya Repin. Serov was at the Academy of Arts from 1927 - 1934 where he learned a flashy, poster like style of painting. Serov painted numerous historical pictures showing revolutionary and Communist Party leaders, of which a typical example is 'The Delegates From The Villages Visiting Lenin' in 1950. Also crude icons of Lenin harangueing the masses , usually painted in atrociously glaring colours. These works , widely reproduced, resulted in his being recognized as a leader of Socialist Realist art without in any way adding to its prestige. They actually contributed to his downfall after the death of Stalin, when he was accused of having been one of the artists principally involved in the 'personality cult'. Thus had the revolutioary ideals of the AKhRR ( Association of Artists of Revolutioary Russia ) declined into mere time-serving. Serov was president of The Academy of Fine Arts ( around 1962 ) ( Note: Not to be confused with the more famous Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov 1865-1911)




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