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' The Delegates From The Village Visiting Lenin '
The original  in 1950 is by Vladimir A. Serov (1910-1968)
 Oil on Canvas : approz size of frame is approx 70 x 74 cm
This is a very good copy, possibly by a Student of Serov

The original ( 1950 ) is displayed in The Tretyakov Art Gallery
 Museum in Moscow by V.A. SEROV ( 1910 - 1968 )
     Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov was a pupil of Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky ( 1884 - 1939 ) -
 who worked under Ilya Repin. Serov was at the Academy of Arts from 1927 - 1934 
where he learned a flashy, poster like style of painting. Serov painted numerous historical
 pictures showing revolutionary and Communist Party leaders, of which a typical example
 is 'The Delegates From The Villages Visiting Lenin' in 1950. Also crude icons of Lenin
 harangueing the masses , usually painted in atrociously glaring colours. These works ,
 widely reproduced, resulted in his being recognized as a leader of Socialist Realist art 
without in any way adding to its prestige. They actually contributed to his downfall after
 the death of Stalin, when he was accused of having been one of the artists principally 
involved in the 'personality cult'. Thus had the revolutioary ideals of the AKhRR 
( Association of Artists of Revolutioary Russia ) declined into mere time-serving. 
Serov was president of The Academy of Fine Arts ( around 1962 ) 
( Note: Not to be confused with the more famous Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov 1865-1911)



Anelise Sondergaard - Lithograph of  2 Horses - 1974
Signed, Dated and numbered 226 / 500
Anelise Sondergaard died in 1985.
  She was reknown for her pictures of Horses.
She was the Daughter of Jens Sondergaard. 
Jens Sondergaard was one of Danmark's 
 most important artists during the 20th Century

Christel looking at flowers (1950's)


Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
At The Battle of Trafalgar- 21 October 1805
 The title of the print is  :-
'England expects that every man should do his duty'
This was the famous signal sent just before
 the commencement of the battle


By Polish Artist :  A Goincaiz
Painted on 29 December 2001
Approx  Size = 70 x 50 cm ( without Frame)


A Birch bark picture created by Hutsel Ukrainian Artist
Vira Boris from Kosiv, Ivano-Frankovsk Region, Ukraine
 Year 2006 -  approx  size = 36 x 26 cm
(Very similar style and technique to the Estonian Birch Bark pictures)


Painted in 2005 by Hutsel Ukrainian artist : Ira Menchack
From Kosiv, Ivano-Frankovsk Region, Ukraine
Approx size = 49 x 38 cm ( including local natural wood frame)


A flower picture - watercolour by Russian Artist


Colour print about 2/3 size of Ilya Repin's famous picture 
 '' The Zaporouzhian Cossaks writing a reply to the Turkish Sultan ''
The original is to be found in The Russian Museum in St Petersburg


'' Autumn in the Park '' by Viktor Timofeev from St Petersburg


'' Sunbeams '' By Viktor Timofeev from St Petersburg.




4  '' Hutsel ''  Ukrainian oil pictures approx 18 x 13 cm
 Showing typical Scenes from The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine





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