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Internet Auctions  / Auction Houses
These are a few Internet Auctions that I use to either buy or sell items on,
Or just to glance at to see whats happening ......................




A useful way to pay for items won or sold
 on the Internet is to use Paypal

Porcelain Factories
(click on the links - some still awaiting )

 Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, St.Petersburg, Russia



Konakovo Faience Factory, North-West of Moscow, Russia


Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory, Denmark
Bing & Grndahl (see Royal Copenhagen)
Dahl Jensen

Royal Dux

Lladro Porcelain Factory, Spain

Meissen Porcelain Factory, Germany


Quimper Faience, France

Royal Worcester Porcelain Factory, England

Royal Doulton Porcelain, England 




Antique Centres

Gloucester Antique Centre  ( display case - G12 ) 
I have closed my display at Gloucester - since June 2004



Book Publishers

Miller's Books  - ( Mitchell - Beazley)
Schiffer Books - (Bushwood Books)
Francis Joseph Books (Carlton Ware) 
Dorling Kindersley Books



Antique and Collectables Fairs etc

In Britain

In Denmark (Fleamarkets)



Other Interesting Links

An interesting History link
The BBC 's History Homepages


The Soviet Collector's Club - Trading Post
Anyone with an interest in Russian and Soviet Porcelain 
( and other Items of interest from Russia)
A club to expand your knowledge and 
communicate with others with a similar interest



 ' THE STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM '  St. Petersburg, Russia
Probably the most famous of all the world's museums

The Hermitage Museum


Wandering Camera
 A fantastic Series of  Photographic 
Albums of St. Petersburg , Russia

A link to Peter Sobolev's homepages who is a fan of
 digital photography and has created more than 300 
albums with thousands of photographs of the streets and 
sights in and around
St. Petersburg.  A most fascinating
 and interesting project and worth a few minutes to view occasionally.
(NOTE: If this link does not work properly, then try  looking on the main page of :
And then click on бродячая камера - Wandering Camera)


A good old friend of mine Mr Villy Dall,
 Danish Journalist and Art Lover
His Homepage :
















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