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This page is dedicated to a charity project (s) and
 also to remind ourselves how important it is to care
and take action to try to help others who need it.

It will be used to help support, promote and encourage
the raising of funds to donate to a charity project. 

* 2009/10 *

For 2006/7  I have decided to assist raising some funds
 to donate to two charity projects

 1)  To help children in..........................
( information and details to come later)

2) An animal project to support the big cats 


Further information will be forthcoming  during the year.


Awaiting charity project


All you have to do is:

PLEASE send me an E-mail with bid for this item. 

The highest bid will be placed on this page below and 
whoever has the highest bid at the time and date that the 
sale ends will receive this item as soon as their payment is made.

Your name may off course remain anonymous if you desire.

If you would like to make a donation to the fund, then naturally I 
would be pleased to receive it.There will be a full account of 
which Charity/project all money received is/are donated towards.

I will obviously try to answer any of your questions.

Many thanks for looking and many more thanks if you contribute.

Paul H Wilson.


 Interesting Links 


Save The Children
Originally started in London in  May 1919. It was the first 
organisation to press for worldwide safeguards for children
save the children


Oxfam International
Originally founded in Oxford, England during
 the Second World War in 1942, has grown and 
became an international  organisation in 1995
oxfam international


Dr Barnado's
Barnado's was started in The East 
End of London in 1867
Dr Barnado's


Battersea Dogs Home, London.
And cats too..........
145 years old in 2005
Battersea Dogs Home 


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
set up in London in 1824




Item for the 2006/7 Charity project




I ask you to make the highest bid possible to acquire this item 
Postage and packing is estimated to be approx :
To Europe/UK/Scandinavia = approx 0.00/Euros 0.00
To USA/Rest of The World =$ 0.00

List of Bidders
First Bid:     0.00 by Anon
Second Bid: 0.00 by Anon
Third bid:     0.00 by Anon


List of Donations
0.00 from Anon
0.00 from Anon
0.00 from Anon


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