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Alaska Porcelain Collection

A Rare Pair of 'Inuit' Bisque Figures From The Alaska Porcelain inc.
Originally started by Kay Vernon and John Rodgers in 1985
Made in Alaska by Alaskans

Rare items in excellent condition


Alaskan Inuit Bone Carving 

'Inuit hunting a seal'
A miniature carving approx 8cm long


Chinese Cloisonne
Pair of Cloisonne Vases
in blues and greens.


Dr. Ferdinand Pacheco

Pacheco print of Muhammed Ali and signed by Ali.
Ferdie Pacheco was Muhammed Ali's 'fight doctor'

For more than 15 years, working in the corner during the
 boxer's long and great career. Pacheco has also written 
books, newspaper articles, commentating in the media 
and television as an analyst and lobbying for greater safety
 in Boxing. He is also well known for his art and his large 
range of amusing lithographs and prints that are easily 
recognised as pure Pacheco style. Ferdie Pacheco was a
 key member of Muhammed Ali's boxing team along with  
Angelo Dundee, Bundini and Luis Sarria (Masseur), in all
the  famous fights, from  The first Sonny Liston Fight to 
'The Thriller in Manila' and 'The Rumble in The Jungle'. 
Ferdie Pacheco has become  known as 'The Fight Doctor'.
Each Pacheco Lithograph is hand drawn and seperatly
 coloured using 4 dayglow colours by the artist as well as 
being signed using the process method. The plates to make
 the lithographs have all been destroyed. Most of the lithographs
 were published between 1976 and 1982 and were  originally sold 
at $ 250-300 each. There was a limited edition of 500 signed 
copies and covered topics such as  boxing,  Hollywood celebrities, 
jazz, The American Civil War, World War l & ll , Judaica,
 sports, gambling, and many more.and all with a touch of humour.


Magicians Wand 
Made of wood with ivory tips 
abracadrabra..........Harry Potter !


Morroccan Knife-Dagger
Approx 49 cm long



Malachite Rhino
This is from Africa, probably from Zaire
Approx 9.5 cm long x 4.5 cm  high
There are also many nice Malachite items originating from The
 Ural Mountains region in Russia and usually the craftmanship
 is better with the Russian items than the African items.
However they are all interesting  from wherever they originate
 from and for a good sixed chunk of Malachite it is good value.


Very Large Chinese ? Communist Figure
Approx 35 cm high - unknown factory/country
but possibly Chinese.





Chinese Boxwood Netsuke - Wise Old Owl
have cord holes and on very rare items they are a natural part of the item 
and are called Himotoshi.Most Boxwood Netsuke are originally a Light 
Colour to begin with, but after they have been hand carved, some are
 dipped in a vat of various coloured stains for 10 minutes or so, to give 
them the colours we see.The most usual of these is the Mid-Brown and
 then there is a beautiful Mid-Dark Brown with almost a Reddish Hue.
 Any light coloured Netsuke on this site are the Original Wood 
Colour with just a touch of wax or varnish to help in the polishing 
& preservation process (the staining has the same effect).
The art of Netsuke is a form of miniature sculpture which developed in 
Japan over a period of more than 300 years. Netsuke were both practical 
and decorative. The traditional form of Japanese dress, had no pockets. 
Men suspended their tobacco pouches, pipes, purses or writing implements, 
on a silk cord, from their obi (sash). These hanging objects are called sagemono.
 To stop the cord from slipping through the obi, a small toggle
 was attached. The toggle is called Netsuke.

Chinese Ox Bone Netsuke 
Bone & Horn - A less expensive material than ivory, bone
 has been used for thousands of years to create unique carvings. 
Each bottle is individually hand crafted and no two are identical.

Chinese Porcelain Snuff Bottle
Porcelain - The first specimens of Chinese porcelain date back approximately 
to 4000 B.C. whereas, the white ware, high fired type of pottery associated with the 
Tang Dynasty goes back to somewhere around 500 B.C. Our assortment of
 porcelain snuff bottles showcases some of the many methods used today.








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