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* Over 200 years old *

* Danish weighing stick *
Has official trade marks on it and is in  good 'museum piece'
It is estimated to be about 200-250 years old.
(Approx length 1 meter)


Danish hand embroided 'cat picture' in a dish 
(about  1910 -1925)
Good condition and  large saucer size

Wooden Beer Cup
Rare Traditional Norwegian (or possibly Western Swedish)
Good condition, hand painted in typical traditional style.
 approx 20 cm long , 8.5 cm tall, 8.5 cm wide at the bowl.
 On first looking, it appears to have been made in sections,
 but is actually cleverly carved from one single piece of wood 


Scandinavian Flour Scoop
Highly decorative flour scoop


Lotus Vase
Royal Copenhagen Crystal (Holmegaard) 
Approx 16 cm tall (6.25 inches)
Picture shows the vase filled with small  blue 
glass decorative pieces to highlight the form


Danish Embroidery Pictures

Danish Embroided Pictures

Danish embroided picture
Frame size approx 62 x 56 cm

Danish Embroided picture of flowers
Frame size approx 36 cm X 29 cm

Danish embroided picture of poppies
approx  frame size 42 cm x 35 cm

Danish Embroided picture of flowers



Manglebrat Roller
With every proper Manglebrat,
 there should also be a roller. 
This one is about 200 years old ( circa 1800)
Approx 89 cm  ( 35 inches) long and 
21 cm  (8 inches) circumference 
made of good solid heavy oak


Roald Amundsen Silver commerative tea spoon
Roald Amundsen was the famous Norwegian explorer who
 beat Captain Scott to the South Pole in 1911. He then went
 to The North Pole in 1926 and disappeared in 1928 



Danish Bronze by Erstad, Aarhus
St George and The Dragon
approx 19cm high 



6 Assorted Holmegaard vases - approx 19-21 cm tall


Holmegaard Blue Vase

Holmegaard Large Coloured Vase



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