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Die-Cast Model Cars

I am currently selling a large collection of Corgi, Lledo,
 Lledo Trackside, Lledo Vanguards, Vanguards , Matchbox 
and other model cars during the rest of 2005/6.  
Please contact me for more information


Vanguards Model Die-cast Collectors Cars
(A stock of about 50 different models available)


Vanguards are made by Lledo which is a Corgi owned company






Dinky Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing
Original  display box in mint condition 

Brooklands 85th Anniversary Set
Set includes 4 Lledo racing cars and a large self-assembly kit as seen in the picture above.
Comes in it's original box (unopened) and in mint condition
 Built in 1907, Brooklands was the World's first purpose 
built motor racing circuit and was the home to British aviation 


Automaxx Collection Miniature Mini Cooper 
in Red with a Union Jack Roof.  
Comes in it's original display box in mint condition
A nice little model 


Corgi Fighting Machines
A British Army Land Rover as used in The Falklands War Campaign
Comes in it's original display box in mint condition


Corgi  - Renault - Frosties

Corgi Classics
Charlie's Angels Van                                       Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino
The Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino was voted the most popular car on Television/Films  



Matchbox : Models of Yesteryear
Stutz Bearcat  in red colour                                       Hispano Suiza in blue colour
Model number : YYO14A/C                                      Model number :  YYO17A/D
Scale 1:44                                                                      Scale 1:48
Both models come in there original display boxes and are in mint condition


Matchbox 1918 Crossley Carlsberg Truck
Model number Y-13   Scale 1:47


Action Force Tanks

Battery operated with realistic sound and lights and extending gun.


 Model Cars 

Gold Porsche-Red Mini -Yellow Valvoline Peugeot -Blue Subaru Impreza






    Pokemon Collector's Cards 


Pokemon Ancient Mew Card
Highly collectable card that originally was issued in 
 mid-1999 for the Pokemon film 'Revelation Luiga!'
The first issue cards had a spelling mistake to the word Nintendo.
 This was corrected in subsequent issues . The value was an
 amazing  $50-100 in 2000 although now that has come down a bit..

Pokemon Cards
 Charizard and Blastoise from Pokemon Base Set 1
These are two of the best cards,
 Charizard the most  famous and desired card which is number
 4 out of 102 from the first Base set and Blastoise probably the next
 sought after card and number 2 out of 102 from the first Base set . 

And many more Pokemon Cards are available


1-76th scale model toy soldiers
50  Military Pieces- German Infantry P-5003 



Coming soon.................

Swedish Designed Brio Wooden Toy Trains for younger children



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