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Awaiting more pictures and information - updated November 2006


Books Available :


 1)     The Folio Society -     
   'Thomas Wolesely' 
( in English,  mint condition )
(Sold December 2004)



2)   Alexander Afanasiev's  -
 Collection Of Russian Folk Tales
'The Magic Ring'

 ( in English Language )( in New, Mint Condition )

33 wonderful Traditional Russian Folk Tales with 158 pages
 from the collection of Alexander Afanasiev  
Illustrated by Alexander Kurkin - Raduga Publishers, Moscow
First published in English in 1995 - this is the 1998 Edition.

Stories include :-
   Vassilisa The Fair / The Golden Fish / Baba Yaga /
The Tale Of Prince Ivan, The Firebird and the Grey Wolf /
The Magic Mirror / The Frog Princess /  Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka



3)   Scandinavia - A picture book to remember her by.


4)  A day in the life of the Soviet Union







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