A Taste Of Scandinavia & The Nordic Countries

in a few pictures and words

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Let me first define exactly what Scandinavia is ...

Scandinavia is only the Countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Finland is not in Scandinavia but is part of the Nordic Countries as are the other three countries.

Generally speaking it would be true to say that The Danes and Norwegians are more
 friendly towards each other than with The Swedes who are regarded more as 'big brother' .
Norwegian language to the visitor is Danish with a Swedish accent  !!
Danish is very flat and is swallowed at the back of the throat, whilst Swedish is much more sing-songy.

The Faroe Islands  are Danish 'owned' and send two representatives to the Danish Folketing (Parliament),  
as does Greenland which clearly is geographically no where near Europe even !
 Iceland  is also regarded  as being a close relative to The Scandinavian Countries but is still not one,
  but is a Nordic Country like Finland .

Therefore just as there can be confusion regarding Britain, England, United Kingdom and 
The British Isles, there is a similar problem in the very North of Europe also.

Map of  Scandinavia and The Baltic Sea Region 






The Nordic Council

The Danish Royal Family

The Norwegian Royal Family

The Swedish Royal Family

The Finnish President

The Icelandic President

Explore the official Denmark

The Faroe Islands
belonging to Denmark
The official Tourist site to the Faroe Islands

Your Virtual Window on Finland 
Vitual Finland 

The Åland Islands
Belonging to Finland
åland islands

The official gateway to Iceland

The official Gateway to Sweden

The official gateway to Norway

Monthly Magazine - Nordic Shop


The Danish Parliament (Folketing)
Folketingets informationssystem

The Nobel Prizes
Founded by The Swedish inventor of dynamite,
Alfred Nobel  was born in 1833 and died in 1896.
and thus started the giving of the annual Nobel Prizes
nobel prizes


A link to a true Danish story teller
Hans Christian Andersen


' The Swedish Nightingale' 
Jenny Lind 


Jean Sibelius
1865 - 1957
His life and works



Pop at it's best
ABBA- The Site


The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Home to The Danish Royal Opera and Ballet
The Royal Theatre


Palaces, Castles and Properties In Denmark
Kronborg - Frederiksborg -Rosenborg and many more.
Official Government link

Kronborg Slot, Denmark



Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark



The Vikings
Viking Ship and a Viking Man

The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway


Trelleborg Viking Camp


The Norse Gods and Mythology


Tivoli Gardens 


Legoland , Billund


Carlsberg Brewery


Tuborg Brewery


Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory
Royal Copenhagen



The Battle of Copenhagen
   2 April 1801

The Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801: 
Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's official report to Admiral Sir Hyde Parker

Elephant, off Copenhagen, 3rd April 1801.


In obedience to your directions to report the proceedings of the Squadron which you did em the honour to place under my command, I beg leave to inform you that having, by the assistance of that able Officer Captain Riou and the unremitting exertions of Captain Brisbane and the Masters of the Amazon and Cruizer in particular, buoyed the Channel of the Outer Deep and the position of the Middle Ground, the Squadron passed in safety and anchored off Draco the evening of the 1st.

Yesterday morning I made the signal for the Squadron to weigh and to engage the Danish line, consisting of six sail of the Line, eleven floating batteries, mounting from twenty-six twenty-four pounders to eighteen eighteen pounders and one Bomb-ship, besides Schooner Gun-Vessels. These were supported by the Crown Islands mounting eight-eight cannon and four Sail of the Line moored in the Harbour's mouth and some batteries on the Island of Amak.

The Bomb-ship and Schooner Gun-Vessels made their escape. The other seventeen sail are sunk, burnt, or taken, being the whole of the Danish line to the southward of the Crown Islands, after a battle of four hours.

From the very intricate navigation the Bellona and Russell unfortunately grounded but although not in the situation assigned them yet so placed to be of great service. The Agamemnon could not weather the shoal of the Middle Ground and was obliged to anchor but not the smallest blame can be attached to Captain Fancourt: it was an event to which all the Ships were liable.

The Action began at five minutes past ten - the Van led by Captain George Murray of the Edgar who set a noble example of intrepidity which was well followed up by every Captain, Officer and Man of the Squadron. I beg leave to express how much I feel indebted to every Captain, Officer and Man for their zeal and distinguished bravery on this occasion.

The loss in such a battle has naturally been very heavy. Amongst many other brave officers I have with sorrow to place the names of the gallant and good Captain Riou and Captain Moss of the Monarch who has left a wife and six children to lament his loss.

I have the honour to be, Sir,

Your most obedient Servant,

Nelson & Bronte

( The Battle of Copenhagen is the famous occasion when Nelson held the telescope to his blind eye )


The Second Battle of Copenhagen 1807
British Bombardment of Copenhagen and the surrender 
of the City and Danish fleet on 7 September 1807
Battle of Copenhagen (1807)

Whilst Admiral Lord Nelson had died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and it was 
Admiral James Gambier who led the attack on Copenhagen ,another interesting sidenote 
is that a certain General Wellesley defeated the Danish forces at Køge, South of Copenhagen
 a few days before the battle. General Wellesley was of course to become more famous as 
The Duke of Wellington and like Lord Nelson to become a great British war hero and finally
 the victor over Napoleon at The Battle Waterloo in 1815. General Wellesley (The Duke of Wellington) 
later also became The British Prime Minister. 
Another interesting point was the Horse used By The Duke of Wellington 
at the Battle of Waterloo was called Copenhagen.

An excellent link to discover more information about the street names 
and history of Copenhagen city can be found on this link : 




To come soon maybe :

Holmegaard Glass
Georg Jensen Silver
Niels Bohr
Søren Kirkegaard
H.C. Ørsted
N.S. Grundtvig

 Ingmar Bergman
 Volvo / Saab
Gothenborg Canal 
Kosta Boda / Orrefors
Alfred Nobel
Greta Garbo

Fjords & Mountains 


Icelandic Sagas

The Faroe Islands

The Aland Islands

Reindeer / Lynx / Elk / Salmon / Wolves / Eagles /
Scandimodern Design Furniture




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