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Please read the basic rules below .
If you are uncertain then please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail 
or telephone to discus the information more closely.

Please remember this auction will be developed as and when it become more popular.
At this moment because of technical and financial reasons we are unable to operate a 'live' auction


Each item will be put up for auction over a period of approx a calender month

The highest bidder will acquire the item.

Post and packing - additional insurance and relevant costs will be charged as extra.

The seller will be responsible for agreeing a fixed price for postage which will then be confirmed by Scandibalt as
 being fair and reasonable and the buyer will be notified when the destination address is known. 

You may contact me for an approx postage and packing estimate before you make your bid

The item won will be sent as soon as possible after the payment has been received.

 A fee of 10 % will be charged as a buying  fee, payable as an additional charge to the buyer

A fee of 10% will be charged as a selling fee payable by the seller on the sales price.

Bidding is to be done by sending an e-mail / telephone call  and it will be confirmed  by e-mail / telephone that it has been
 received and accepted.If your bid is beaten by a higher bid, we will send you an e-mail to inform you about this.
If you require to know the amount of the latest bid, we will also be able to confirm this for you before making your bid.

Because of technical and financial reasons we are unable to offer 'live' bidding at this moment however at 
the time of the end of the auction it is possible to telephone or e-mail to Scandibalt for last minute bidding.
If there is great interest in an item towards the end of the auction, then we will extend the auction for a short period of
 time to allow further bids and updates and communicating to the bidders the latest  progress and allowing them to send a new
 bid or telephone bid until the bidders have agreed that they do not wish to make any further bids.

Most items will have a 'start' price and a 'buy me now' price.

The person with the highest priced bid or the person who bids the first the 'buy me now' price will be 
deemed to be the winner of that auction item.

If in doubt, then please contact me for further information.


It is hoped to start this in 2007



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