Jewellery and Amber Items

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A Selection of Wonderful Handmade 
Leather Jewellery/Accessory  Items

The Items of Jewellery are all handmade of genuine leather
and therefore each piece is unique in it's variation.
They were all  individually hand made in Tartu , Estonia 
during the period of 1996 -1998

 Handmade Leather Bracelets

Handmade Leather Necklace            -       Handmade Leather Hair Barette

Handmade Leather Brooches


Also a range of handmade leather pictures


'Amber Items'

(Pictures to come later in 2006)

Whilst there is a lot of Amber found all around the
Baltic Sea Region, it can be very firmly shown that today,
 most is being found in and around The Kaliningrad 
region of Russia, ( formerly known as Konigsberg, Prussia)
the old military area sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania.

Infact almost 75% of all the Baltic amber is excavated from one 
very large hole not so far from Kaliningrad City.  So, when you visit
 the wonderful shops displaying and selling this marvellous, tactile,
 natural fossilised tree sap,  mosly about 30-40 millions old,just remember ,
 if the shopkeeper says it is all locally found amber..................
they may not be always telling the truth  ! 
However , the actual metalwork  and jewellery making, may 
well be localised craftsman and certainly it is possible to distinguish 
between Lithuanian, Russia, Polish asnd Danish craftwork 
by the styles and metals used.

I can also recommend three Amber museums in particular
That are well worth a visit .

1) In Palanga, Lithuania, - 
 At The Mansion House in the Park 

2) in Kaliningrad, Russia - 
At The Old Castle Fort

3) Copenhagen, Denmark
At The Shop on The Nyhavn/Bredgade corner




oming  soon.....................


Cuff links



Items of Silver 


Silver Chain 
Stamped/marked 925 Estonian Silver


'Copies of '  Faberge Silver Animals
Stamped and marked with Faberge and his craftsman etc,
 made of real silver but still only reproduction copies. 
Technically, it would seem they were made and originally sold
 to fake real items and therefore they should have been  illegal .

Pictures of A Hippo, Rabbit, Rat, Pig and Elephant.

It is assumed that the stamps have been copied and the animals
created in moulds copied from original Faberge items

They are clearly not of the quality expected by Faberge , however 
they are of interest to a collector and significantly less expensive


The next it however is of a monkee is of a significantly higher quality

and is older and more refined  and is more likely to be genuine
 or , at worse, an extremely better copy and of higher value. 





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